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Protecting Yourself as an Aerobics Instructor: The Importance of Insurance


As an aerobics instructor, you understand the importance of keeping your clients safe and healthy. However, accidents can happen and it’s crucial for you to be prepared for any potential liability. In this article, you will learn about the risks associated with teaching aerobics and why aerobics instructor liability insurance is important. You will also learn about what to look for when...

5 Common Examples of Product Liability Cases


In the United States, product liability law holds manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers strictly responsible for any injuries or damages that result from defects in their products. In some jurisdictions, such as the state of California, manufacturers can be held strictly liable for injuries caused by their products, meaning that the plaintiff does not need to prove negligence on...

Understanding and Managing Product Liability Risks for E-Commerce Businesses


In this article, you will learn about the concept of product liability and how it can affect your business as an E-Commerce product manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. You’ll discover the types of defects that can give rise to a product liability claim, and the steps you can take to protect your business from these risks. We’ll also cover the importance of investing in product...

Medical Device Product Liability: Understanding Your Rights and Options


Product liability is a legal concept that holds manufacturers, distributors, and retailers responsible for any harm caused by a defective product. This includes medical devices, which are subject to the same product liability laws as any other consumer product. Legal obligations of medical device manufacturers Medical device manufacturers have a legal obligation to produce safe and effective...

The Risks and Costs of Product Liability Insurance for Small Businesses


Once a new business has been launched, a number of things could go wrong. Liability insurance is one way to protect against legal costs associated with these issues. Your liability for any injury caused by your products may depend upon whether they’re defective. For instance, if your firm makes tools that injure people, then your liability might depend upon whether your tools were defective...

How Fitness Professionals Can Protect Themselves and Their Members from Liability Risks


Acquiring qualifications and certification as a personal trainer can be expensive. One of the major factors, people look out for when hiring a personal trainer is whether the trainer is insured. Due to physical activities involved, there is the probability of injuries and accidents. If a hired personal trainer pushes a client too hard they could be responsible for the injury incurred. As personal...